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The key to tree health is maintenance and care, which stems from properly trimming and caring for them. There is an art to tree trimming and a right and wrong way to do it. Luckily, at Absolute Trees, we are experts in all things trees and will take great care to care for yours correctly!

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We understand the importance of maintaining healthy and well-groomed trees at Absolute Trees. With our professional tree service selection, we aim to enhance your landscape’s beauty while ensuring your trees’ safety and longevity. Our team of experienced arborists is committed to delivering exceptional results, backed by a deep understanding of tree biology and the latest industry techniques.

Whether you have overgrown branches, diseased trees, or need routine pruning, we have the expertise to handle all your tree trimming needs.

Pruning and Shaping

We provide precise pruning and shaping services to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your trees. Our arborists carefully remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches, allowing for improved airflow and sunlight penetration. Proper shaping can also help promote healthy growth patterns and prevent potential hazards.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves selectively removing branches within the canopy to reduce density. This process improves light penetration and air circulation while maintaining the tree's natural shape. Crown thinning can be particularly beneficial for trees near buildings or power lines, reducing the risk of storm damage and improving tree health.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves removing lower branches to increase clearance beneath the tree. This service is commonly requested for trees near sidewalks, driveways, and buildings. Crown lifting not only improves visibility and accessibility but also helps prevent damage to structures and enhances safety around the tree.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal is crucial for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Dead branches can be unsightly and may pose a risk of falling, especially during storms or high winds. Our team carefully identifies and removes deadwood, reducing the risk of property damage and potential injury to people or pets.

Disease and Pest Management

Our skilled arborists can identify common tree diseases and pests prevalent in Mount Pleasant. We offer comprehensive disease and pest management solutions to protect your trees from further damage. By employing environmentally friendly techniques, we aim to restore your trees' health and vitality so you can avoid dead trees altogether.

Emergency Tree Services

In the event of storm damage or other emergencies, our team is available 24/7 to provide prompt assistance. We prioritize the safety of our clients and their properties, efficiently removing fallen or hazardous trees and restoring order to your landscape.

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