Storm Preparation

Storm Preparation Plan in Charleston Area

Hurricanes are a real threat in the Charleston area. Does your storm preparedness plan include tree care?

The Charleston area is prone to high winds, storms, and hurricane threats, so having a hurricane readiness plan is critical! Does yours involve preventative tree care?

Preventative Tree Care Maintenance is Critical to Avoid Damage!

In South Carolina, the sandy soil and heavy amounts of rain can be a challenge for a tree's rooting system. During storms, a downed tree can lead to significant damage to your home and your property, which is why preventative tree care should be on your home maintenance to-do list.

Don’t Overlook Tree Care or Its Importance

Often, however, preventative tree care is overlooked. A tree that is not properly maintained through preventative care is likelier to lose branches or fall completely during a storm. By being proactive, you can keep your trees beautiful and strong for the long haul!

Risk Assessments are Critical

As with any risk assessment, thoroughly evaluating your property to ensure that the trees are well maintained for growth and development and free of disease and illness are ways to limit the potential loss or damage of your trees during storms and high winds.

The Key to Your Tree Care Readiness Plan is Forethought

The key to preventing downed trees and any surrounding damage is being prepared and calculating the circumstances that increase your risks during a storm or period of high winds. Ensuring the health of your trees is the best way to limit the potential for tree loss and the high costs associated with it.

Hiring an Experienced and Expert Tree Service is a Great Way to be Proactive

Taking stock of your trees and addressing any concerns before they become potential problems is the key, which is why hiring an experienced and expert service like Absolute Trees is a must to protect your home and landscaping.