Mount Pleasant

It’s important to you as the property owner to be aware of town regulations for tree removal or trimming. We’ve provided the below links to help with this information. As experienced tree experts we are familiar with these guidelines and would be happy to help answer any questions you have.

Mount Pleasant Tree Removal Guidelines

Residential properties, all trees 16″ and greater are protected and require a permit with exception of Bradford Pear, Camphor, Chinaberry, Chinese Tallow (popcorn tree), Callary Pear varieties, Mimosa, Pines, River Birch, Sweet Gum, and White Poplar. Trees located within special buffer areas, however, may still be protected regardless of size or species.

Charleston County Tree Removal Guidelines

Some areas of cities and towns default to Charleston County guidelines:

Single-family residential, all trees 24″ and greater require permit with exception to Pines. Multi-Family residential, all trees 8″ and greater are protected in effort to retain a buffer.