Awendaw Tree Service

It’s important to you as the property owner to be aware of town regulations for tree removal or trimming in Awendaw, SC. We’ve provided the below links to help with this information. As experienced tree experts we are familiar with these guidelines and would be happy to help answer any questions you have.

Awendaw, SC Tree Removal Guidelines

In Awendaw, trees greater than 18″ DBH can be removed when the tree has become diseased, dead or dying. Other factors may include:

  • Trees pose a safety hazard to nearby buildings, or pedestrian or vehicular traffic;
  • Trees prevent essential grade changes or all reasonable utility installations;
  • Trees prevent all reasonable site configurations;
  • Trees are within the footprint of a proposed residential structure, as shown on a site plan;
  • Removal of trees is the only reasonable means by which building, zoning, subdivision, health, public safety, or other Town requirements can be met.

If the tree, with a DBH of 18” of greater, does not fall under the list above, the request may be authorized through the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Charleston County Tree Removal Guidelines

Some areas of cities and towns default to Charleston County guidelines: Single-family residential, all trees 24″ and greater require permit with exception to Pines. Multi-Family residential, all trees 8″ and greater are protected in effort to retain a buffer.